What are the early sinkhole house signs in Florida?

102. What are the early sinkhole house signs in Florida? Do you have a sinkhole house?

Do you have a sinkhole house? There are many signs to look for. It is common for sinkhole house owners not to understand what the signs are. If you notice problems with doors and windows, cracks in the foundation, and even issues with the neighbor’s home, you might have a Florida sinkhole house.

One of the first signs of a house needing repair is in the windows and doors. If the windows or doors do not close properly this could be a sign. For example, most sinkhole house owners will notice that after a few months of living in the home the doors no longer shut properly. Some builders and lay people may say that the house is settling. However, pay close attention to the way the windows and doors shut. If the windows bump the frames or the doors no longer shut as they should, this could be a foundation issue.

Cracks will almost always appear in a sinkhole house. When cracks foundation issues arise, they may be visible in the walls, floors, pavement, or ground surfaces. In most cases, the first cracks that are visible due to poor foundation, that sinkhole house owners notice are in the corners of the doors and windows. Pay close attention to any type of crack that is noticeable. If the driveway has uneven sloping, this could be a sign of a foundation sinking. Slab homes need the most attention to possible signs of cracking.

Additional concrete problems you might notice are in the exterior paved areas around the house. This might include the driveway or any area in contact with the ground like a paved walkway. Keep in mind that not only paved areas will be visible. Some sink hole house owners have noticed strange activity and shifting in their lawn where the ground became spongy or new soft spots developed. These are signs too.

You might not notice any issues and think you are free and clear from being one of the sink hole home owners. Hopefully, this is true. Make sure that although you might have written your home off as being free from cracks it may still be above a sinkhole. One way to keep a close eye on the foundation is by paying attention to the neighbor’s home too. If you see cracks in the side of your neighbor’s home or the yard seems to be sinking, you are in close enough proximity that it could soon affect your property too.

If you do find that you are one of the sink hole house owner, don’t panic. Sinkholes and cracks foundation issues can be repaired through compaction grouting, underpinning, and other methods that will fill the holes and raise the home back to the original elevation. This will work to prevent further cracks and seal the soil so it will no longer sink.

Signs of sink hole houses are visible to the eye and they can appear early enough to where the home can be saved. Don’t think that you are going to lose your home because the sink hole can be fixed. Pay attention to the ways the doors and windows close and any cracks you might see around or on the structure of the house.

What are the early sinkhole house signs in Florida? Do you have a sink hole house?

Signs of a sinkhole house in Florida

Some of the signs of sinkholes are cracks in the floor, ceiling and walls. These cracks can sometimes be concealed by wallpaper and carpeting. There may also be cracking in the outside steps. As the home settles into the sinkhole the steps are often pulled away from the home and display cracking. The floors in a home that is settling into a sinkhole can be buckled and slopping. There may also be signs of dips and holes in the landscaping.

If you are recognizing any settling in your home such as what is described above or if you hear of other homes in your neighborhood being affected by sinkholes call your insurance company and place a claim. The insurance company will send out a professional to examine the property and the structure of the home. The insurance company will deny or approve the claim. A denied claim can be appealed. An approved claim may approve for the repairs that are needed. Compaction grouting may be the recommended process to repair the structure of the home.

Compaction grouting is a repair process that is commonly used in areas in Florida that are experiencing sinkholes due to the decomposer of the underlying layer of limestone. Limestone is often affected by weather condition and the natural elements that compose the limestone begin to decompose. The decomposer of limestone is addressed by pumping large amounts of cement under the ground of the home. This cement is to seal the top of the limestone. This process is designed to seal the top layer stopping further damage and forming a strong, sure foundation for the home to rest on. This process is not guaranteed to stop future damage and will not address the issue of a sunken home. Other procedures are available. If you would like to hear of more options call me. I am a professional investor in sinkhole homes and have much experience with dealing with sinkhole homes in Pasco County and other Florida counties

The engineer is the person most qualified to determine how to fix your Sinkhole home. Why would you do anything other then doing what the expert engineer recommends. If the engineering report calls for compaction grouting. why would you underpin the house instead? Remember when you sell your house you will have to disclose that you did not follow the recommended repairs.