103. Don't let your children play in the hole in the back yard.

It is another sunny day in Spring Hill Florida. The kids are playing in the back yard. All of a sudden it has gotten very quiet out back. As a parent you knows, when there is quiet there is usually a problem. The kids are playing in the hole in the back yard. When you go out back you realize the hole has gotten a lot bigger and the kids are no were to be seen. Call 911

This is a bit of an over dramatization. But not as far fetched as you might think. I have seen far to many times were kids have been playing in holes in the back yard that was actually an active sinkhole. A child does not see the caution tape. All the see is a great natural fort.

Recently I was looking at a Sinkhole house in the Hernando / Pasco county area. I was standing in the front yard talking with the owner. I pointed to the spot on the ground about 15 feet away from us were the engineering report said their was a 35 feet deep void under only 20 feet of loose sand. He corrected me and pointed to the hole in the ground 2 feet from were I was standing. The hole was only about 1 foot round and looked about 6 inches deep. He said that he keeps dumping dirt into the hole but the hole keeps coming back. Needles to say I was moving away from the hole as fast as I could. This was a case of a truly dangerous sinkhole situation. Count you imagine falling into a 35 feet deep collapse sinkhole.

To be clear, If you have a naturally foaming hole in the yard. You have a sinkhole and without geologic testing you have absolutely know idea how big it is. Stay out of it. keep your family out of it. Call your insurance agent and file a clam. If it is fast forming and large. Call 911

Unfortunately a man was killed when the floor in his bedroom collapsed into a sinkhole. The chances of that happening are extremely low. From my understanding before that incident the last time some one died in an active sinkhole was back in the 1920's. Two geologists climbed into an active hole to investigate sinkhole formation and it collapsed on them. An active sinkhole can be extremely dangerous.

One of the best things you can do to protect your family from danger is to check your smoke alarms regally and have several fire extinguishers through out the house. More houses in Spring Hill burn down then fall into sinkholes. Sinkholes are typically a relatively slow moving process. Were as a fire is a fast moving one.

Sinkhole house danger in Florida

There is nothing worse short of a hurricane or fire that can happen to a Florida house owner then falling victim to a sink hole on their property. Sinkholes bring nothing but trouble no matter how you want to dice it. If it is not the damage ensued from a sinkhole to your house itself, it is the red tape and run around you can get from the house owners insurance company and the contracted repair company. Not to forget the massive drop in property value.

The foundation damaged by a sinkhole can do to a house is insurmountable. It can totally crumble a foundation in making the complete house unstable and uninhabitable. It can lift floors as well as crack them and walls. The shifting of the house itself can cause windows to break and cracks to form in ceilings. What once may have been an airtight house is now exposed to elements. The structural damage to load bearing walls is a huge expense in itself. Gas lines and plumbing can also be broken and definitely will be things that require a through inspection as well as electrical lines to make sure none have been crimped or broken during the shift. Depending on the size of the sinkhole, your house could be considered a total loss and more times then not the cost between repairing the sinkhole and the house damage can tally up more then it would cost to build a new house.

house owner insurance companies in Florida cringe when they hear a policyholder on the under end of a call saying the word sinkhole. No matter how you say it to them, sinkhole, sink hole, or sink whole, the response you will receive will be about the same, one with out much enthusiasm to help. However, it is essential that you file a claim. The house owner insurance policy will have to send out at no expense to you a geologist or a geotechnical engineer who will determine if your sink hole is a true sinkhole according to what they deem is a sink hole. If it is determined to be a sinkhole then the insurance company will send out contractor whom they select to give bids on the cost of necessary repairs. Of course, they will go with the lowest of the bid, however generally, this is a contractor who does sinkhole repair solely by compaction grouting, the less favorable, and stable of choices in sinkhole repair.

This is why it is wise to get a sink hole lawyer involved from the very beginning to make sure your rights are being protected. Most contractors, when using the compaction grouting method, will not guarantee a bid price and anything above cost of repair from original bid by insurance company comes out of the house owners pocket. The reason the contractor cannot set on their bid is that there is no way actually to tell just how much concrete will be needed to stabilize the property. A sink hole attorney can read over all contracts and help make sure you get the payout due to you from the insurance company.

On the other hand, often times the cost of the repairs to the sink hole and house are well over what the insurance policy is willing to cover and rather then pay for the repairs they will settle on the remainder of your policy. A sinkhole attorney can ensure that you get the full payoff you have coming to you. They can also help you in the process of selling your house if you choose not to have the repair done or you can simply call us and we would be happy to assist you and make sure you get top dollar for your sink hole house. There is no need to fix your sinkhole house. I buy, repair and restore sink hole houses and would like to help you get out from under your sink hole house and the dangers of a full collapse, future collapse, and the all too often reoccurring repairs and cost of a sinkhole house.

Florida attorney can help in getting you the money you need for your property. Sink hole Insurance is very hard to get after you have sin hole damage in Florida. The cost to repair a damaged house can be very high. Don't repair your house.

Florida, Home to the Sinkhole House

Sinkholes in Florida are more prevalent then many would like to think. They are an extremely common occurrence with it estimated that there will be approximately 24 sinkholes appearing yearly and gaining in just Hernando County Florida alone with 75% of the sizes ranging up to 10 feet in length.

Sinkhole data collected in the past 20 years in just central west Florida attribute the increase in population and water usage due to population as part of the reason this lime scale rich land is becoming an increasing risk for home owners. Massive urbanization in Pasco, Pasco, and Pinellas counties are considered higher risk locations of Florida due to the karst topography with Tampa topping the charts along with New Port, Richey and Hudson falling close in lead. It is thought that damage due to sinkholes alone will reach over the 5 million mark just in the Tampa region and will continue to increase as long as the population increases.

Currently there is no agency that overlooks sinkhole activity solely. The Florida Geological Survey accepts and appreciates calls from homeowners reporting occurrences of sinkholes however is understaffed so are unable to investigate each occurrence. They do maintain a data base of any self reported sinkholes either by phone, in writing or through their website but beings they are not each individually inspected through them they can only use the information gathered to give estimates of sinkhole activity.

Beings the majority of sinkholes occur in heavier populated areas, it only goes to say that many homes today are sitting on what could at anytime develop into a sink hole if they are in higher risks locations. Sadly, there is no sinkhole prediction assessment your home will not experience the damaging affects of a sinkhole. However, your best defense is to research your homeowner insurance companiesï°´ions and make sure you get one that honors sinkhole repair in both underpinning and compaction grouting. Also, become well informed of what sinkholes are and what early presentation of sinkhole activity is. This can help you know of the warning signs of sinkhole activity before your home totally caves in causing more damage then necessary; however, a sinkhole can fully develop in just a matter of hours or take hundreds of years.

If you are currently living in a house that is sitting on or in close proximity of a sinkhole it is advice that you move out until it can be fully investigated by the proper authorities and deemed safe to return if be the case. Sinkholes cause a ghastly amount of damage to a home and even bigger damage to ones bank account. If you are living or own a sinkhole house and want to get out from underneath it with out having to put the money in to the repairs and risks of reoccurring problems, call us and we would be happy to discuss an offer with you on buying your unrepaired sinkhole house from you. When it can cost more to repair a sink hole house then to build a new one, why invest all the time and energy into something that can eventually keep draining your wallet?