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101. Sinkhole Symptoms, Causes, and Repair Solutions.

The solution to you sinkhole house is only a phone call away.

Sinkhole houses are common part of the Tampa Florida landscape. There are more sinkhole houses in this area than any place in this country. Hernando, Pasco, Pinellas, and Pasco Counties. I have only see 2 sinkhole house disappear down a hole. Most of the time there is not a void under the house. The ground is unstable because of clay, fine sand, or organic material - Mud. This causes the house to be unstable. The big expense is to make the ground stable into the future. In many houses I see there is very little visible sinkhole damage to the property. Yet the repair and stabilization can run over $150,000.00. This is due to the amount of repair necessary to prevent future instability. The insurance companies, some times with the help of your lawyer, will pay off the insurance policy to there limits of the insurance policy. It is cheaper for them to do that then repair the house and risk more expense after the sink hole repairs are done. Many times the sinkhole house will continue to shift and crack after the sink hole repair been done. This may be due to the pressure under ground from to much concrete pumped under the damaged sinkhole house.

681. Sinkhole map in Florida.

Sinkhole map in Florida The map on the right shows where certain rock types that are susceptible to dissolution in water occur. In these areas the formation of underground cavities can form and catastrophic sinkholes can happen. These rock types are evaporites (salt, gypsum, and anhydrite) and carbonates (limestone and dolomite). Evaporite rocks underlie about 35 to 40 percent of the United States, though in many areas they are buried at great depths. Source:

502. Do you have a sinkhole house?

If your neighbors have had slab foundation repair and you are concerned you might be next, there are signs to look for to find out if you are one of the sinkhole home owner. If you are, don’t worry. Sinkholes can be repaired and the foundation of your home can be saved so your home is livable.

Sinkhole homes can be dangerous and if it is determined that you are living on top of a dangerous sinkhole you will need to vacate the premises until the repairs have been made. Sinkholes are caused by water and changes in the water around you. When water dissolves minerals in rock it leaves residue and open spaces in the soil. These open spaces eventually fill with the soil above. Groundwater gradients changing can cause sinkholes also. Activities can cause sinkholes also which include a decline of water levels, the concentration of water flow, vibration from traffic, heavy loads on the soil, and more. If you have a big structure like a heavy shed in your back yard and it appears that the yard is sinking around the structure might mean you need slab foundation repair.

Sinkholes can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is a fact. There isn’t really a way to get out of the cost of repair but if you notice signs of a sinkhole early then the cost of repair may be less than if you wait and let the damages impact the home even more. Many of the things you should look for include cracks in, out, and throughout the home, cracks in the foundation, stairs, windows not shutting right, doors not shutting right, and other issues that show signs of sinking. Most sinkhole home owners notice the first signs with the doors in the homes not quite fitting right in the door jams anymore. If you notice these things then it may be time to get a professional opinion.

The things to look for if you think you have a sinkhole under your house. Is a portion of your house shifting and cracking? Are there cracks in the walls, floors, and ceiling? Do you have stair step cracking in the exterior walls? Are the windows and door jams sticking?

503. Filing a Sinkhole Insurance Claim, Be Paid and Sell Rather then Repair.

You wake one morning to find that you have a sinkhole adjacent to your Florida home. Living in Florida you were aware that the risks was present beings Florida is one of the states with the largest amount of sinkhole activity, nevertheless, you are disheartened and have no idea where to begin what you fear will be a bigger nightmare then the sinkhole itself. Your first step when you discover or believe your home may be sitting on a sinkhole is to call your insurance company and get an insurance claim initiated.

Your homeowner’s insurance company will begin the process of filing a sinkhole claim. They will collect information from you regarding the current extent of the damage. At that time, your insurance company, at no cost to you should send out either a geologist or a geotechnical engineer to survey your property to confirm if a sinkhole is actually present. This can easily take up to a few weeks to complete. They will due test that will detect any abnormalities under the subsurface layer of your property and if a sinkhole is confirmed your insurance company will send up to three contractors who specialize in sinkhole repair to submit estimates as to the cost of the sinkhole repair.

Most of the sinkhole repair companies that homeowner insurance companies utilize will give a repair estimate using compaction grouting as the sole repair means. This of course is not the best route in repairing sinkholes and should really only be used as an accent to underpinning. However, it is the cheaper route for insurance companies. The homeowner needs to be careful in accepting this form of repair and should have an attorney look over all the cost contracts prior to allowing this type of sinkhole repair to be done. Often time’s contractors who use this form of sink hole repair cannot estimate exactly how much concrete will be needed in the repair and anything used above and beyond what the insurance company agrees to will fall in the homeowners hand to pay.

If for some reason the geologist or a geotechnical engineer state that a true sinkhole was not the cause of the damage, your homeowners’ insurance company will decline your claim. The geologist or a geotechnical engineer may claim that the damage is due to unnatural causes such as declined water levels, soil disturbance, leaking sewer or water pipes, storm drains causing a concentration of water in one area, ponds, dams, heavy equipment on land, and/or heavy vibrations. However, if there was a preconditioned subsurface already in formation for a true sinkhole, these situations would only exasperate it. Many insurance companies however will use the man caused reasons for the underlying damage you are facing though forcing you to get a sink hole attorney to help with your fight in getting an insurance company to honor your claim.

Your best alternative in dealing with a sinkhole house in Florida is to get in touch with a reputable sinkhole attorney and have them go through the process with you to insure that your rights are being protected. They can help insure that you get the full claim that you are entitled to as well as help you if you choose just to sell your home after an agreeable settlement has been made. If you choose to sell your sinkhole house in Valrico Florida, we would love to talk with you and make you a top dollar offer on your home. Just because you settle does not mean you have to have the repairs done. We will buy your unrepaired Valrico Florida sink hole home and give you the opportunity to move on with your life without the constant worry of a sinkhole reappearing.

504. You can get out from underneath your Florida sinkhole house.

Signs to know if your home is sitting on or near a potential sinkhole are if you notice fencepost or trees sinking, slumping, or falling. If you notice your foundation sinking or unexplainable cracks in your foundation, walls, or floors it is very possible you have caught a sinkhole in formation. Your floors may also begin to be off kilt. Often times the vegetation around sinkholes will start to wilt and die out, your well water can also be discolored or begin to taste off. If you do not want to go through the costly expense of repairing the sinkhole, and the damage caused by the sinkhole we would love to talk to you and relieve you of your burden. You do not need to be stuck with a home that can cost you an outrageous amount to make livable only to worry still if one day you will be again experiencing the same nightmare. If your unrepaired sinkhole house is for sale give us a call, and let us help you sleep easier at night.

When looking for a Florida sinkhole company that specializes in these repairs look first and foremost for a reputable company with a list of satisfied customers. Ask the company for previous customers that can attest to their workmanship. Get several prices but compare apples with apples. A cheaper company may not properly be assessing the damage and you may have future problems and issues to deal with. Be sure to select a company that can stand behind their work and that is financially solid. You may need call on them in the future to stand behind their work and you will want to find them still in business years down the road.

You have lived in your house for a few years now without any concerns. Life has been great for the most part and you have yet to have a complaint in regards to your decision to buy the home you are in. However, one weekend you wake up to begin your list of things to do and while you are walking around the perimeter of you home, you spot a ghastly crack in your foundation. Upon closer inspection your worst fears are raising, your home is sitting right smack dab on a Florida sinkhole.

Your thoughts of living in your house are diminishing as fast as it appears your house is. The cost of repairing the Florida sinkhole house has your mind swimming. Times are tough enough you think how in the world you are going to be able to cover the cost of this as well.

You know the chances of you being able to sell your house right out without repairing the sinkhole first are extremely slim. On the other hand, are they really that slim? In most cases, yes, the chances of selling your house outright with a known sink hole are very slim. Sinkhole houses are not on the top of most peoples list of must have homes. They take some pretty expensive work in order to make them livable. The idea of having a piece of property, home or business located upon a sink hole, repaired or not can leave many property owners wondering what their options are. It is only obvious that an unrepaired sinkhole property is going to be valued well under that of one that is repaired and less then market value. Usually the market value will drop by about 30%. There is no way of getting around not disclosing the fact that your property sits on a Florida sinkhole, structural damage or risks of structural damage have to be disclosed by law. You have three options, sell your home as is, with the existing sinkhole, have sinkhole repaired by insurance claim and then sell your home, or have Florida sinkhole repaired and remain in your existing home.

If you want to sell your sinkhole house, we would love to have the opportunity to buy it from you. We understand the situation you are in and have been buying sinkhole homes for many years now. We understand that often time’s insurance companies do not even want to touch the repair cost of sinkhole damage along with the proper repair of the sinkhole. Often times they just want to sell off the remainder of the insurance policy and slide quietly out from underneath the rubble. This leaves you uncovered and in a position where it is hard to find an insurance company to cover your home even once the repairs are done. Allow us to help alleviate all those burdens that are falling at your feet due to a sinkholes. sinkhole in Florida, sink hole in Florida, not sink whole in Florida.

611. Sinkhole homes are close to the waterfront in Florida.

Florida Sinkhole homes and Florida waterfront homes seem to be closely related. A majority of the sinkhole homes in the Florida, I look at are close to waterfront or low-lying areas. There is a reason for this. Centuries ago, when the ground was low the water would flow into these low-lying areas. The water would fill up with organic material such as plants and other creatures. Over time, this plant life would decay and turned to clay or mud. As time would continue to pass dirt and sand would cover this area. Then someone would build a house on top of it.

Florida waterfront and conservation areas are a very attractive feature to look at. But they had hidden problems. Primarily they are on unstable ground and sinkhole activity.

Sinkhole House Buyer in Florida.
I am a unrepaired sinkhole home buyer.